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'Where am I?' Misty thought as she drifted in and out of consciousness. She could hear the sound of water, she loved the water so. Suddenly she felt a wave crash over her. "AHHHHH!" she screamed as the cold water woke her up. She bolted up and looked around. She was on a beach. It began to come back to her.

-the day before-

"A beach party?" Misty asked as she looked at an invitation. It was an invite from the elite 4. They decided to throw a party to hank all the gym leaders for their hard work. Mist smiled, she loved the beach and who knows maybe catch a new pokemon while she was there. Mist quickly spent the better half of her day preparing. She deposited some of her pokemon and brought out; Peliper, whom she had caught on a vacation to hoenne, and her new friend Vaporeon. Once she was ready she put a closed sign on the gym, locked the door and tossed Peliper's pokeball in the air. "PELIPER FLY!" she said as she jumped up. Peliper dove under Misty scooping her onto her back and off they went to Cenibar Island for some fun in the sun.

-that night-

"Chug, chug, chug!" Misty cried out with some of the other gym leaders as they watched Blain and Lt. Surge have a drinking contest. "Well boy, I have a riddle for you, what uses electricity and falls off chairs?" Blain asked as he took another shot. "I-I dunno..." Surge said as he took his last shot before passing out and falling from his beach chair to the sand. "You!" Blain cried out followed by a laugh. Misty giggle, she always kinda admired Blain, so full of life even at his age. As the night went on the gym leaders had fun, battling, drinking, and just goofing around. Eventually Misty passed out.

Misty calmed down now that she remembered what had happened. She looked at her hands and gasped when she noticed they were paws. "AHHHHH!" She cried out again. She looked at her reflection in the water and saw she looked like a vaporeon. "WHAT'S GOING ON!?" She cried out. "Hehehe." she heard a familiar laugh and spun around. "Blain!?" She surprise. "Yup." He said. "You told me last night in your drunken state you wanted to become closer to your new Vaporeon, so...." he paused for dramatic effect. "I put you in a vaporeon costume." Misty ran over and slapped Blain. "WHY DO THAT!?" Blain chuckled and pulled out a book. "This was written by master pokemon expert Bill, he said one way to understand a pokemon is to dress like it, and feel how it feels, so I figured a nice swim with your new friend looking like it may help." Misty looked over. "S-sorry I slapped you." she said, now knowing Blain was only trying to help. "No problem." he said and walked off. Misty smiled and through her Vaporeon's pokemoball as best she could and ran with it for a nice swim...
Just a story I wrote for FDCZero's Misty-Vaperonhypnosuit Hope you like it. It's not as kinky as my other stories but I like it.
tetsigawind Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
its very good
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